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Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam

Vaikunta mahaprasthanam, the eco-friendly crematorium site is ready for public service. It is one of the sophisticated and world-class crematoriums in the twin cities for the citizens to experience a hassle-free process while conducting last rite rituals. Located near Whisper Valley, Jubilee Hills, Film Nagar, Shaikpet Mandal, the GHMC Crematorium is now being maintained by Phoenix Foundation under ‘Fund Your City’ program launched by GHMC. In a collective effort with GHMC, Phoenix Foundation has rechristened it as Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam and is keeping it in a clean and efficient condition for the smooth conduct of cremations of the departed souls. The clean and green environs of the crematorium make it a unique one that very few others can actually match. The team at Phoenix Foundation is committed to the upkeep of Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam with world-class standards. The Crematorium has end-to-end facilities and amenities under one roof: Regular and Electronic  Pyres, Pujari, Flowers, Rest Rooms and Wash Rooms, Water, Storage, Car Park, Book Store, Canteen, etc… you think about it, it has it… and of course the park like ambience is a welcome change!  

It is a noble initiative by Phoenix Foundation and GHMC to ensure a dignified and decent cremation for the all those resting in peace. 

Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam is a marked difference from regular crematoriums in terms of hi-end facilities, best-in-category maintenance and of course the continuous care that it will get from Phoenix Foundation.

The objective is to make even those moments of silence as peaceful as possible.  


Phoenix Foundation

Phoenix Foundation is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) wing of the Phoenix Group that is involved in multi-farious activities in the social work domain. By contributing to the society in the form of providing for education, orphanages, meals for the underprivileged, safe water drinking, blood donation camps when necessary, Phoenix Foundation is enlarging the scope of CSR by setting an example. The Vaikunta Mahaprasthanam Crematorium modernized under “Fund Your City” program is another example of its extended charitable works. As a responsible corporate citizen, Phoenix is striving to play its part in creating better standards of living through a wide range of activities.